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Monday, August 6, 2007

Tracking Down Your Stolen Mac

The unthinkable happens: Your laptop is stolen while you're on vacation or on a business trip, and you know that it is not likely to be returned. You've resigned yourself to replacing it (and all your data). But wait! What if you were to receive an email message on your desktop computer that tells you the IP address of the thief, or perhaps even the telephone number he or she is using?

If this scenario sounds a little like a James Bond movie, you'll be surprised to learn that several tracker applications are available for Tiger that can run invisibly on your laptop. A tracker application turns your Mac into a transmitting beacon, advertising its current location and all the Internet information it can get to you — allowing you to alert police and apprehend the crook (who might be in the middle of creating an iPhoto library).

For example, XTool Computer Tracker from XTool Mobile Security sends a signal to the company's security center each time your laptop is connected to the Internet or a telephone line, as well as when the computer is rebooted or a user logs in. In fact, you can even delete files on your laptop remotely, even though you don't have physical control of your Mac! XTool Computer Tracker is relatively inexpensive and can be invaluable for a corporate road warrior or design professional who depends on both the laptop and the irreplaceable data it contains.

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