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Sunday, August 12, 2007

How To Clean A Laptop?

How to safely clean your laptop computer.

You Will Need

Step 1:
Make sure your computer is turned off and unplugged before you start to clean. First we'll blow away any excess surface dust with a can of compressed air. To clean the keyboard, use your cotton buds to remove large particles of dirt between your keys, then blow away smaller particles with the can of compressed air. You can then wipe the surface of the keys with a damp cloth to remove the surface dirt, but ensure that the cloth you use is not excessively damp, as fluid between your keys can damage your computer.
Put a small amount of the cleaning fluid onto a soft cloth and clean the screen using a smooth, continuous motion to help avoid streaks. You may apply a gentle amount of pressure, but make sure you do it evenly and don't press thin objects like a single finger against the screen.
To clean the body of the computer, use a similar method to the screen. Spray your solution onto the cloth and wipe the casing. A continuous motion is not so important here as streaks will not be as apparent here as they will on the screen.
To clean the ports on your computer, carefully wipe the inside of each port with a cotton bud then spray each of them with the compressed air. If you have access to your computer's fan, hold it still with a cotton bud and spray it with compressed air. If you don't hold it, the air will cause it to spin and could break it by making it spin faster than it's motor can cope with.
To clean the CD or DVD drive, open the drawer and spray the compressed air inside. If you can see the laser lens, be careful not to touch it as this can damage it. Commercial CD lens cleaners can also be bought and used to clean this area if your computer is having trouble reading CD's or DVD's.
Now your laptop should be good as new. Done

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