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Monday, August 6, 2007

Profiling Your Mac

Need quick information about your Mac hardware? You might need to determine precisely what hardware is installed in your Mac for the following reasons.

  • If you're working with a technical support person to solve a problem: This person will usually request information about your system, such as what processor you're running and how much memory you have.
  • If you're evaluating an application before you buy it: You'll want to check its minimum system requirements against the hardware on your Mac.
  • If you're considering an upgrade to your Mac: You'll likely need to determine how much memory you have, what type it is, and which memory slots are filled. (The same goes for your hard drive and your video card slots.)

Apple provides Mac OS X with an all-in-one hardware and software display tool, aptly named Apple System profiler, which you can find in the Utilities folder within your Applications folder. You can also reach the Profiler through the Apple menu — click About this Mac and then click the More Info button.)

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