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Sunday, August 12, 2007

How do I transfer music from Rhapsody 4 to my device?

How do I transfer music from Rhapsody 4 to a portable device or MP3 player like the Sansa e200R Rhapsody?

In brief: drag and drop tracks, albums, album cover images, and playlists onto the image of your MP3 player in the Sources area of Rhapsody 4. We use the Sansa e200R Rhapsody in the example below.

Before you start: If you have a Rhapsody To Go subscription and a compatible portable device, any streamed Rhapsody tracks you drag to your device will be automatically downloaded. If you do not have a Rhapsody To Go subscription, or if any of the tracks are unavailable for download without purchase, the "Purchase" dialog will open. Please see What types of files can I transfer from Rhapsody 4 to my Rhapsody MP3 Player? for details.

1. Open Rhapsody and sign in.

2. Attach your device to your computer.

3. After you see the device appear in the Sources area, drag and drop tracks onto the device icon. When tracks are being transferred from My Library, it looks like this:

4. The progress of your transfer is shown in the bar at the bottom of the Display area:

5. When the transfer is complete, right-click the device icon and choose Disconnect Device:

Note: If you get a Rhapsody was unable to disconnect your device error, use the Microsoft utility called Unplug or Eject Hardware or Safely Remove Hardware, visible in the lower-right corner of your computer screen.

For more details, check out the Transfer Tracks to a Portable Device Help topic, which includes a Flash movie and text instructions on manually transferring tracks and playlists to your portable device, as well as a Flash movie and text instructions on setting up Library Transfer (like synching, it means transferring your entire Rhapsody library to your device).

Note: In Rhapsody 3, the Mixer was used to transfer tracks to a portable device.

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