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Sunday, August 12, 2007

How Can I transfer music from Rhapsody 4.0 to an iPod?

Can I transfer Rhapsody 4 music to my iPod?

You can use Rhapsody to transfer your own imported MP3 and AAC files to most iPods. Unfortunately, the iPod is not a supported device for any music subscription service, including Rhapsody To Go, and does not support the transfer of tracks purchased from Rhapsody.

To transfer imported tracks to your iPod:

1. Open Rhapsody and sign in.

2. Attach your iPod, and wait for its icon to appear in the Sources area.

3. Drag and drop tracks onto the Apple iPod icon:

Note: If you accidentally drag any subscription tracks onto the iPod, you will be prompted to buy them at this step. Go ahead and cancel this action, because you will not be able to transfer purchased tracks to the iPod.

4. Watch the progress of your transfer in the bar at the bottom of the Display area:

5. When the transfer is complete, right-click the Apple iPod icon and choose Disconnect Device:

6. Disconnect your iPod, and enjoy!

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