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Monday, August 6, 2007

Essential Mac Sites

Essential Mac Sites

Although new Macintosh Web sites are popping up everyday, several sites have been around for a long while and continue to be the best sources of information about your favorite computer. Just as a little reminder, here are a few sites that you must check out often (if not everyday!):

  • Apple Computer: Here, you can get all the specs on Apple products, download updates to Apple software, purchase products, and get the lowdown on third-party software and hardware products. And be sure to check out the QuickTime area, where you can view the latest movie trailers.
  • MacCentral: If you're a true Mac junkie, this is the place to get your Mac news fix. MacCentral updates its news items many times a day, so check it often.
  • MacInTouch: This site is heavy on information about new software releases, but what makes MacInTouch invaluable is its reader reports — regular Joes and Josephines like yourself try out software products and post their experiences. So if you're nervous about installing the latest Mac OS update, check out what other users have to say about it on MacInTouch.
  • VersionTracker: Every new piece of Mac software (plus, software updates) is listed on VersionTracker on a daily basis. It also has a searchable archive and user comments.
  • ThinkSecret: Want to know what Apple's got planned for the upcoming months? Check out this Mac rumor site. Keep in mind, though, rumor sites specialize in . . . well, rumors.
  • DealMac: Looking for the best deal on a new Mac system or much-needed peripheral? Need new RAM or a hard drive? DealMac tracks the best deals out there and can help save you a ton of cash.
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