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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Merging Multiple e-Mail Accounts on Your BlackBerry

In order to start aggregating e-mail accounts (like Yahoo! Mail) onto your BlackBerry, you must first run a setup from the BlackBerry Internet Service client (formerly known as BlackBerry Web Client). You can access the Service client from your BlackBerry or from your desktop computer.

Using the BlackBerry Service client

Think of the BlackBerry Internet Service client (Service client) as another online e-mail account, like Yahoo! Mail. And just like Yahoo! Mail, the BlackBerry Internet Service client has an e-mail inbox where e-mail is stored. The Service client's inbox looks and feels like any other online e-mail account. Yet, unlike other online e-mail accounts, the Service client connects directly to your BlackBerry. This means that if you delete an e-mail on your BlackBerry, that same e-mail is also deleted in the inbox on the BlackBerry Internet Service client.

To access the Service client from your PC, you need the Web address (URL) that is specific to your network service. Please contact your network service provider (T-Mobile, Verizon, and so on) directly to get the URL that is specific to your service.

After you enter your service provider's Web address in your Web browser, the Service client asks you to log in.

If this is your first time logging into the Service client, you need to first register and then create a user ID and password for the Service client. After you log on to the Service client, you see a screen from which you can access your e-mail inbox.

At the top of the BlackBerry Internet Service client you can see a toolbar with the following options and their functions:

  • Search: Search for e-mail within your e-mail folders.
  • Filters: Manage different ways to filter your e-mail. (Here you can specify which e-mail goes to your BlackBerry and which doesn't, for example.)
  • Auto Reply: Set a reply that automatically goes to senders. For example, you can use this setting to create an Out of Office auto-reply e-mail.
  • Options: Set up your e-mail signature here. You can also set up a Reply To address here. (Use a Reply To address when you don't want your recipients to reply to the address you're sending an e-mail from.)
  • Profile: Manage your e-mail accounts and set your Sent From address from here.

Note that your BlackBerry already has an e-mail address with which you can receive and send e-mail. If you don't have any other e-mail account that you want to meld into your BlackBerry e-mail account, you can set your Sent From address.

Adding an e-mail account

You can have up to ten e-mail accounts on your BlackBerry — this is the good stuff right here. To add an e-mail account to your BlackBerry account

1. From the toolbar of the BlackBerry Internet Service client, click Profile.

You see the Profile screen, from which you can manage your e-mail accounts.

2. From the Profile screen, click the Other Email Accounts link (under the Email Accounts heading).

You can see the e-mail address(es) that your BlackBerry receives e-mail from. If this is the first time that you're setting up an e-mail account, you see only one e-mail address, which is your BlackBerry e-mail address.

3. From the Email Accounts screen, click the Add Account button.

You are prompted to enter the following information:

• The e-mail address from which you want to receive e-mail: for example,

• The account login you use to log into this particular e-mail account

• The password you use associated with the login

4. Click the Submit button.

You see the Email Accounts screen listing your newly added e-mail address.

If you don't see this screen, here are some hints as to what's wrong:

• You might have to enable POP Forwarding on the e-mail account you're try to receive e-mail from (for example, a Yahoo! e-mail account).

• You didn't enter your information properly.

You can also manage your accounts from your BlackBerry. Scroll to the Setup Email application (that you use to open a BlackBerry Browser session), and the rest is pretty much the same on the BlackBerry compared with a PC.

Save some aggravation by first registering and creating your account by using your PC. Then, for your subsequent visits to the BlackBerry Internet Service client, you can use your BlackBerry. This way, you can minimize any errors or out-of-network coverage issues while setting up your account.

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