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Friday, July 13, 2007

Configuring Linksys WRE54G Wireless repeater / Cannot connect to this AP in repeater mode

Configuring Linksys WRE54G Wireless repeater.Note: In order for this to work, you MUST have a wireless adapter inthe computer from which you're configuring it from.If after running the setup CD you receive the message "Cannot connectto this AP in repeater mode" Do the following...1) Login to your router and copy down the Wireless MAC address. Thiscan be found by clicking on the tab [Status], then on the sub tab[Wireless] (this will look like 2D:4D:56:01:F5:F7).2) RESET the repeater so that all configurations are set back to thedefaults. (This can be done by using a paper clip and holding in theRESET button for 10-15 seconds). After which the LED colors should beas follows:Link: RED (no connectivity)Activity: Blue (flickering)3) Hardcode your machines IP address to.IP: (anything other than x.x.x.240)Subnet: the DNS IP's blank4) Open up your wireless connections and select the repeater (this willlook something like "linksysR2324").5) After your connected, open up a web browser and point to192.168.0.240 (the configuration page). Leave the UserID blank and thepassword is "admin".Now verify that you have the latest firmware update, which should bethe same on all repeaters. If not, download it, then click on the[Help] tab and select [Firmware Upgrade]. Then power cycle the unit.6) Select the [Password] tab, erase the bullets and type in a newpassword. Then select [Save Settings], and close your browser.7) Log back in. Now select the [Edit Security Settings] button from the"Setup" page. Select the security mode that your router is using alongwith the same passphrase, (make sure to press Generate aft wards). Thenselect [Save settings]. Write down or copy Key 1 (which will looksomething like [2817FB191A])8) Now disconnect from the repeater and reconnect. It should prompt youfor the key, then type or paste that first key.9) Once connected, log back in to the repeater and change all of the IPaddressing information, along with typing in the Access Point MACaddress. This MAC address is the wireless interface MAC of your router.NOTE: The name and SSID can be (but don't have to be) the same nameas the router. However the IP address MUST be one octet different fromthe router.Example:------------Router (version 1)Repeater (version 1)Repeater (version 2.0)------------Then save settings.10) Reset your machines IP address to auto configuration (or what everit was before we statically set it to you should have a blue link light on the repeater and all should beworking fine. The main trick here is that you need to disable WEP whileinitially configuring the repeater. Then upgrade the firmware. Thenreset WEP back to normal and configure the ip of the repeater and youare back in business.

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